Baby on a Budget: Room Sharing Edition

I recently stumbled upon an article that claimed that spending money creating the baby's room is one of the biggest financial mistakes parents make. I make nursery suites. And several other products which are specifically designed to make #momlife easier. But, I am practical to a fault. So I tend to agree with the article... to a certain extent.  

Babies are expensive. Even if you are the type to budget months or even years in advance of trying to start your family, the unexpected expenses that come up in those early years can be overwhelming. So saving money where you can in your preparations for your little one's arrival can be incredibly beneficial in the months following.

But there is this thing called "nesting" that happens. Nesting is the overwhelming urge that drives many pregnant women to clean, organize and get life in order is not irrational, but an adaptive behavior stemming from humans’ evolutionary past. And, ladies, whether we want to submit to it or not, our bodies shove us into the hyperactive, cleaning, painting, building maniacs determined to make the home we bring the baby home to perfect in every way. The process of building a space that is uniquely theirs is - in essence - bonding. 

My girlfriend, Gretchen, who blogs about her life as a mom of four, approached me last year and gave me the opportunity to help her create a little space in their master bedroom for her fourth baby. Her sweet monochrome baby space absolutely proves that you can have a Pinterest-worthy space for your baby, even on a budget. 

Monochrome nursery, black & white, wee gallery, woodland theme nursery.


Let's start with the basics: 

1. Crib - The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends infants share their parents' bedroom for at least the first six months and, optimally, for the first year of life. Gretchen opted for a mini crib, which is essentially the same size as a play pen, but with the convenience of adjustable heights and increased stability. We love this one that she chose because it also folds down for storage.

Monochrome woodland theme nursery Wee Gallery

 2. Sheet - We made a custom mini crib fitted sheet for her mattress in a sweet black and white woodland theme print by Wee Gallery. You can find Chickadee Baby Co. bedding separates including cotton and minky fitted crib sheets here. Don't see what you want? No problem. We love custom projects and will find the perfect print, pattern, or size to suit your needs!

Mini crib fitted sheet Wee Gallery Woodland Theme Nursery

Little brother, wee gallery, mini crib fitted sheet

3. Changing Station - To save on space and bypass the traditional changing table, opt for adding a changing pad to a dresser. We love the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad because it's high side design offers some safety and it also comes with a tether specifically designed for attaching to the back of a dresser. 

4. Cover your changing pad with a Chickadee Changing Pad Cover. We specifically designed our covers to fit the contoured design for a tight, wrinkle-free fit. Minky fabric is our favorite choice for changing pad covers for its durability and stain resistant tendencies. 

5. Storage - I'm not sure if it possible to have too much storage in the baby room, but I'm a sucker for cute storage bins - but they can be so expensive when you add two or three to the cart. I came across the $100 Room Challenge a couple of years ago and was totally inspired by Erin's Dollar Store storage bin makeover (p.s. if you haven't already searched Pinterest for "IKEA hacks" you are totally missing out). You can create some adorable cohesive storage in your little one's room for under $15 that will marry function and design. 

Dollar Store DIY Makeover

6. A special something - Gretchen wanted her little Eli to have something of his very own. We designed a simple cradle sized custom quilt from the same monochrome fabric collection by Wee Gallery that ended up being the perfect spot to lay the baby for tummy time, flat lay photos, etc. 

Baby play mat, flat lay, wee gallery

Eli's corner is one of my favorite examples of making a special space on a budget. Whether you are looking for "just the basics" or a room filled with custom designed pieces of your Pinterest dreams, we would love to help make your vision a reality. 

XO, Andrea

Owner & Designer for Chickadee Baby Company

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