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Spencer On Safari Extra Large Lovey


Say hello to Spencer On Safari, a brand new collection of products featuring exclusive artwork from Bianca Pozzi of Flora + Bear. This scene features her signature soft watercolor characters on a safari adventure. Elephants do fly... in hot air balloons. Lions, too. Monkey is Jeeping around, while a giraffe and big cat race nearby. Paired with the luxe hide minky in chive green, you'll fall in love with Spencer over and over again.

Our extra large 16" square minky lovey blankets come with ribbons in two corners to allow you to attach a toy to them with a toy ring or pacifier clip. These silky double faced satin ribbons provide an additional sensory touch point and can also be used to help attach the baby blanket to a stroller or carseat to avoid dirty falls and grumpy babies. Each blanket is handmade with the highest quality minky fabric available. 

Most of our lovey blankets coordinate with our double minky blankets so your little has something to cling to when they are on the move without dragging their entire blanket everywhere.                                          

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