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Swaddle Pod in Gray Moonscape


Swaddling your baby has never been so easy with the Chickadee Swaddle Pod. Swaddle your little one snugly and securely in ONE STEP - no more zippers, velcro or snaps to contend with. The swaddle pod creates a womb-like feeling and prevents the startle reflex, without binding arms legs in an unnatural position allowing your baby to sleep through the night. Your baby will stay securely swaddled and won’t squirm out, so you can rest easy knowing your baby sleeps safely.

Made from premium stretch cotton knit fabric with beautiful modern designs, the Chickadee Swaddle Pods are lightweight and breathable making it the perfect solution for year round comfort. 

With a matching headband or hat, this bundle is the perfect baby shower gift or addition to your baby registry. 

MADE IN USA with premium textiles.

95% Premium Cotton Knit, 5% Spandex

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